Limestone Building Block Co. Pty. Ltd.
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The Limestone Building Block Company - Western Australia

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St. Hilda's Cathedral, Mosman Park

Our quarry is situated approximately 50 kilometres north of Perth (near Yanchep National Park), Western Australia and is controlled by directors who have over 50 years experience in the limestone block industry.  We are the leading limestone block supplier in Perth.


 Limestone Building Block Company specialise in the production of reconstituted limestone blocks which are manufactured with pure limestone.  Reconstituted limestone blocks are environmentally friendly as there is no waste product.  This means raw materials go further and we make a smaller footprint on the environment.


Reconstituted limestone blocks have many advantages over the natural limestone blocks such as your blocks:


            are cheaper;

            are stronger and denser;

            are definitely perfect for retaining walls. 

            do not go black with age like natural limestone; 

            are available in a wide range of sizes;

            may have special features such as bevelling; and

            are either cream or off white in colour. 


Reconstituted limestone blocks have natural thermal qualities. 

We palletise limestone blocks reducing the likelihood your blocks will be damaged in transit. If you wish, you can buy direct and pick up from the quarry enabling you to save time and money.